Gábor Kövesdán

Who am I?

I am a Hungarian student interested in FreeBSD and Open Source in general. I've been using FreeBSD in desktop for a long time and I've also administering a small FreeBSD server, that provides web, e-mail, etc. hosting. As a result I've got experienced as a desktop user and as an administrator. Besides, I started to work on porting softwares and sending improvements for existing ports. Currently, I maintain these ports. Apart from this, I'm coordinating the FreeBSD Hungarian Documentation Project and I'm also translating FreeBSD documentation to Spanish.


GáborSoC2006 - Google Summer of Code 2006

GáborSoC2007 - Google Summer of Code 2007

GáborSoC2008 - Google Summer of Code 2008

GáborSoC2009 - Google Summer of Code 2009

GáborSoC2010 - Google Summer of Code 2010

GáborSoC2011 - Google Summer of Code 2011


Email: <gabor AT FreeBSD DOT org>


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