Guangyuan Yang

Undergraduate student, former foundation intern, FreeBSD user & developer.


Preferred name: Charlie


Email: <ygy AT SPAMFREE FreeBSD DOT org>

PGP Fingerprint: 8A50 E4BC F82F CF01

IRC Handle: ygy (on EFNet & Freenode)

Ongoing Work

Manual Page Update

Currently triaging and taking on reports for manual pages in the base system.

See this Bugzilla Query for more info.


A monitoring tool for -doc committers and translators. Development still in early stages.

See for a demo.

Electron on FreeBSD

Updated 2018-05-23:

The port is now poudriere-compatible.

An unofficial Electron org has been set up here, help is always welcome!


Updated 2018-03-27:

Switched to use Electron 1.8.2, set up a CI/CD server for testing. The ports look promising, but one of the main issue to solve is the npm install command during build time, which is not Poudriere-compatible.

Current working repo:

Also started to submit patches and feature requests to upstream:


Updated 2018-02-25:

Switched to use Electron 1.8 beta. Ongoing discussions can be found at Add FreeBSD support to electron #3797 electron/electron - GitHub

qbit@github, who maintains OpenBSD's port of Node.js, tried building an Electron port last year without success.

Still fixing the code and conducting tests. Electron/Atom build process is extremely convoluted and complex, so there is no estimated time for this.


Based on prash-wghats' work, I am exploring to write and test new ports for libchromiumcontent and Electron.

Current working repo:

Fix Diffoscope Test Suite Failures

Test suites of Diffoscope are failing on FreeBSD. Submitting upstream bugs if appropriate as we triage the individual issues. See the tracking PR PR220870.

FreeBSD Simplified Chinese Documentation Project

Currently, handbook and porters-handbook are being completely updated for the PO transition. This requires a huge amount of work, and we always need more eyes and hands on the project.

Also, different tools and integration systems are being explored, to see how we could improve the whole workflow.

Current working repo:

Personal CI server:

My Ports

Repology Portscout


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