FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V support

FreeBSD Integration Services for Hyper-V


Hyper-V supports both emulated and Hyper-V-specific devices for FreeBSD virtual machines. When running with emulated devices, no additional software is required to be installed on a FreeBSD virtual machine. However emulated devices do not provide high performance and cannot leverage the rich virtual machine management infrastructure that the Hyper-V technology offers. In order to make full use of all benefits that Hyper-V provides, it is best to use Hyper-V-specific devices for FreeBSD. The collection of drivers that are required to run Hyper-V-specific devices are known as BSD Integration Services (BIS).

For older FreeBSD releases, Microsoft provides integration services as installable ports that can be downloaded from the following GitHub repository:

Starting FreeBSD 10.0, most Hyper-V integration services will be installed as part of creating a FreeBSD virtual machine on Hyper-V and no separate ports will be required.

Hyper-V Integration Services

As of FreeBSD 10.0, Hyper-V integration services provide the following functionality:

  1. Support for integrated shutdown from Hyper-V console.
  2. Support for keeping time synchronized between FreeBSD guest and Hyper-V host.
  3. Support for Hyper-V specific IDE and SCSI storage devices.
  4. Support for Hyper-V specific network adapter.
  5. Live migration with and without static IP migration. Note that to enable static IP migration, administrators will need to include the KVP driver and daemon available in FreeBSD 10.0 ports for Hyper-V.

Instructions to install FreeBSD 10.0 ports for Hyper-V are available here:−V-Integration-Components-Ports-for-FreeBSD-10.0

Known issues and workaround

Reboot your system to ensure that the UUIDs are functional. In case you make a mistake, you can restore your fstab by mounting the partition under a different FreeBSD system. Hopefully the backup created before beginning this sequence of steps will help now.


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