JonathanAnderson Git Workflow

This is how JonathanAnderson currently uses Git for FreeBSD development. It is unlikely to be the best way.

  1. Get the complete revision history of the project (~800 MB, but you only have to do this the slow way once):
    1. If I don't have a copy lying around:

      git clone git://
    2. If I do have a copy on the same network:
      1. git clone git://localserver/path/to/freebsd.git
        git remote rm origin
        git remote add origin git://
        git pull
    3. optional: if you're tracking a branch other than -CURRENT:

      git checkout remotes/origin/vendor/sendmail/8.9.3

      (or remotes/origin/release/8.2.0, or remotes/origin/user/sam/wifi...)

  2. Create a new branch for hacking on:

    git checkout -b newfeature
  3. hack hack hack, commit byte-sized chunks to local repo, repeat
  4. Stay on top of -CURRENT (spelled master in Git), or remote/origin/vendor/foo, or what have you:

    git checkout master
    git pull
    git rebase master newfeature
  5. Prettify the patch stream:

    git branch new-feature-prettified master
    git cherry-pick ac238e                             # grab a commit from 'newfeature'
    git checkout newfeature sys/kern/vfs_syscalls.c    # grab a file 'newfeature' HEAD
    git checkout newfeature~6 sys/kern/foo             # six commits ago on 'newfeature'
    git checkout ac238e sys/kern/foo                   # grab a file from a particular commit
  6. Reduce the unprettified branch to "stuff I haven't prettified yet":
    1. git rebase new-feature-prettified newfeature
    2. If there are conflicts:

      git add sys/kern/fixed.c && git commit && git rebase --continue
    3. If a commit has been subsumed by the prettified branch (git status is empty):

      git rebase --skip
  7. Produce a patch stream for non-Git people:

    git checkout new-feature-prettified
    git format-patch master
    scp *.patch somewhere:~/foo
  8. Commit the result
    1. FOR NOW: apply patches to an SVN checkout and submit them the old-fashioned way
    2. IN FUTURE: use a variant of a command on the Gitorious page:

      git svn commit-diff -m "git branch to svn" -rHEAD upstream/master work/ hwpmc_kcachegrind svn+ssh://

This workflow says nothing about maintaining a public-facing Git branch on e.g. Github. That requires a lot more merging and a lot less rebasing.

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