LXQt on FreeBSD

LXQt is the Qt port of LXDE, the Lightweight Desktop Environment. It is the product of the merge between the LXDE-Qt and the Razor-qt projects.

Work in progress, it needs some components of Plasma 5 (the new major KDE’s workspace). Bug for importing to ports tree LXQt 0.12.0

Install the LXQt (0.12.0) desktop

You can either choose unoffical binary repository or building from source with the ports system

Pre-compiled packages

I created an unofficial repository for 10-amd64 10-i368 11-i386 and 11-amd64 for lxqt-0.12.0.

For detailed binary installation instructions see http://lxqt-freebsd.schmitz.computer

1. Download the public key, and copy into /usr/local/etc/ssl/ (for example):

# fetch http://lxqt-freebsd.schmitz.computer/poudriere.cert
# mv -i poudriere.cert /usr/local/etc/ssl/

2. Create the following file, /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/lxqt.conf:

lxqt: {
        url: "pkg+http://lxqt-freebsd.schmitz.computer/packages/${ABI}",
        mirror_type: "srv",
        enabled: yes,
        signature_type: "pubkey",
        pubkey: "/usr/local/etc/ssl/poudriere.cert",
        priority: 100

% pkg install lxqt

From source

Due to missing piece of Plasma5 components in official ports tree, you must clone and merge the LXQt repository.

The best way is to fetch lxqtmerge script.

Adjust LOCAL_REPO and PORTSDIR variables in the script before running it.

You'll need ca_root_nss and git if it is not already installed

% pkg install ca_root_nss

% pkg install git

% fetch https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jsm222/lxqt-freebsd/0.12/lxqtmerge.sh

Below different options:

usage: lxqtmerge.sh options

  -h    display this help
  -c    clone remote repository
  -m    merge into the ports tree
  -u    update local repository
  -r    revert changes

# lxqtmerge.sh -c
# lxqtmerge.sh -m

Now you are able to compile the meta-ports x11-wm/lxqt and x11/lxqt-l10n (translations of each LXQt components).

List of ports

Known issues (and fixes)

It's advised to use UTF-8 as character encoding, especially for Western Europeans users (some translation are not well displayed in settings widgets).


PCManFM-qt is able to use UDisks2 service (for removable storages), install sysutils/bsdisks.

Starting the desktop

Using .xinitrc

% echo 'ck-launch-session /usr/local/bin/startlxqt' > ~/.xinitrc

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