Mahdi Mokhtari



Summer of Code Admin Team

* Helping in the SoC-Admin team to run the program.

* Mentoring some of the ideas.

Base system

* Helping on improving FreeBSD libc (stdlib and fixing namespace pollution in it).

* Helping on improving FreeBSD msun (C math library) (improving long-double operations support).

* Helping on improving Linuxulator (Implementing Linux syscalls).

* Helping on improving test framework for TrustedBSD | Audit Framework]].


* Ports that I maintain.


* Helping Bugmeisters community.

* Helping on improving Bugzilla.

* Bugs that I triage(ed).

My other interests

* FreeBSD FatELF image activator (My little changes i like to see that happens)


* Hunting bugs.

* Helping in completing Test suit.

My other interests

* Being able to run Mach-O binaries

People helped/motivated me and still helping me to learn (alphabetic order)

* All people i met in my Open Source life.

* MarkFelder for inviting me to join committers and becoming my mentor and answering my questions kindly.

* MathieuArnold for becoming my mentor and helping me learn details kindly.

* BernardSpil by his helps in start porting MySQL57 and his great motivating text on his wiki.

* EdwardTomaszNapierala for his welcoming invitation and helping me on starting work on Linuxulator.

* DavidChisnall by letting me help in libc and introducing many things in it to me.

* DmitryChagin for letting me help and reviewing my patches on Linuxulator.

* FerdinandKlinzer (bart-) from PureDarwin project.

* KubilayKocak by motivating and helping like a real brother, helping me learn new things and his ideas, encourage me to have ideas and implement them.

* MattMacy by introducing NextBSD project to me (and letting me work on Mach-O image activator there).

* RobertWatson for his warm welcome, info and helps on libbsm.


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