Here are some lists of things.


These are things that I would like to eventually get done/fix. Please mail me if you'd like to work on them.

Merge fdescfs into devfs.

Early microcode loading on AMD

TRIM for swap devices

IPv6 netdump(4)

Kernel dump regression testing

lockmgr(9), rmlock(9) and epoch(9) integration into lockstat

devvn_refthread() is a scalability bottleneck with many bhyve VMs or many vCPUs

Implement Linux's MADV_DONTNEED semantics

elftoolchain addr2line is extremely slow

sendmail hangs on boot if the hostname contains a single component

Make SCTP a loadable module and remove it from GENERIC

Better VM statistics

Valgrind regression tests

syzbot reports

Capsicumizing the base system

Useless warnings

Stuff I forget

Set a Kyua configuration variable from the command line


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