Matteo Riondato

"I'm Wiston Wolf. I solve Problems."

Who am I?

Matteo Riondato was born in the foggy northern Italy, in 1986. After having spent his youth playing with LEGOs and any sort of nerdish games, he discovered computers and have never left them since he was 14. UNIX lover since the very beginning of his computer interest, he is a FreeBSD enthusiast and focuses his interest in system and network security, following the dream of keeping the bad guys out of his playground. He studies Information Engineering at the Padua University and writes BSD-related articles for the main italian *NIX magazine. Staff member of the Italian FreeBSD User Group (GUFI), he tries to help the FreeSBIE project as a developer, bugmaster and documentation writer. Since 17th June 2005 he is also a FreeBSD Bugmaster and became a committer on 17th January 2006. Similar to Pulp Fiction's Mister Wolf, he enjoys solving Problem Reports (aka PRs).

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