Michael Bushkov

Summer Of Code 2006

My full project name is Nss-LDAP importing and nsswitch subsystem improvement.

Here is the original project's proposal: /LdapCachedOriginalProposal.

This summer's work revealed a lot of interesting things that can be (and will be) done in the nearest time. The Summer of Code 2006 project, however, is completed - all proposed tasks are seem to be done. There is a lot of space for improvements in the completed tasks, though - so I guess, I know, how to spend nearest month or two :)

The detailed description of the completed project can be found here: /LdapCachedDetailedDescription.

About me

I'm Michael Bushkov - and I'm lucky to be in the cohort of students, who'll participate in the Summer Of Code 2006. I'm a 4th (almost - a 5th) year student of the Rostov State University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia (by the way, Rostov-on-Don is the beautiful middle-sized city, situated in the Southern-European part of Russia). For several past years my professional life was deeply connected with FreeBSD administration and development. I work at the University's Computer Center, where I have all the necessary abilities and equipment (almost all University's servers run FreeBSD).

My basic projects for FreeBSD were lookupd daemon and caching daemon (cached). These projects have a bit similar functionality, but caching daemon is much more powerful and much more deeply integrated into the system. I was developing caching daemon during the Summer Of Code 2005, where I was also lucky enough to participate (big "thank you!" to BrooksDavis and Jacques Vidrine, who were my mentors on the project).

I was able to finally merge the code, I've developed during the SoC 2005, to the -CURRENT. This happened several weeks ago - thanks to HajimuUmemoto for that. Without his help this merging won't be possible. Hajimu also agreed to be my mentor for my current (SoC 2006) project.

Previous work (Summer Of Code 2005)

During the Summer Of Code I made several patches for the libc library to extend nsswitch subsystem. I have also added caching ability to nsswitch by developing caching library and caching daemon. Here is the slightly corrected text of the proposal, that I've initially submitted to Google: /NsswitchAndCachingOriginalProposal.

The detailed description of the project can be found here: /NsswitchAndCachingTechnicalDetails.

After the deadline has finally arrived, I've made the final report about what had been done: /NsswitchAndCachingFinalReport

All my work, that was made during SoC 2005 and after can be found on the perforce depot: Sources


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