Network Virtualization

This page kept for historical reference only. Network Virtualisation is now part of a standard FreeBSD system

See manual pages for the jail program and search for references to VIMAGE and VNET in the FreeBSD documentation.

Background Information

With the advent of multi-core processors and 10Gig Ethernet we are going to have to do a good deal of work on the network protocol stack to make it possible to keep up with the amount of data coming into and going out of the system. Network Virtualization is one large component of that work. For now this is a placeholder page with little information but as the project progresses more data will be added. Of particular importance will be design documents which cover what's being built or changed, and why.

In order to become familiar with the work that was already done the following paper is a good place to start:

Design Documents


VImage is a virtualization addon for the kernel - (via

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