This is 'mission control' for ongoing work on the FreeBSD networking code. It is by no means exhaustive or authoritative, however, its use as a tool for effective collaboration is encouraged.

If you want to work on a task please put your WikiName next to it. Participation in other forums such as the freebsd-net mailing list is strongly encouraged. There is plenty for volunteers of all aptitude levels to do; some of this work even has the potential to be funded open source work.

The tasks are arranged roughly in descending order of how quickly they can/should be finished.


Low hanging userland fruit

These are tasks suitable for immediate hand-off to new userland volunteers. They are particularly suitable for newer developers who wish to gain experience.

Low hanging kernel fruit

These are tasks suitable for immediate hand-off to new network stack volunteers.

Porting tasks

These are tasks which involve the porting of software to FreeBSD, using the ports system, which will help future network development by making use of new FreeBSD features for 'hot topics' in computer networking in the wider world.

Architectural tasks

These are tasks which involve architectural changes in the code base or other significant changes to how FreeBSD currently does things, which will require significant levels of cooperation amongst developers to succeed.

Long term projects

These are tasks which are more oriented towards documentation and review, or which are significant long-term software projects in of themselves.

802.11 Tasks

802.11 Wireless is a 'killer app' for open source operating systems. Help FreeBSD to stay ahead.

IPv6 Cleanup Tasks

Future Cool Stuff

This is a list of stuff which would be cool to have in the future for putting FreeBSD into orbit or onto Antarctica.

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