Project Information

Create a new options in iostat utility, such us -e. It's a statistics of disk device error. Analogues of this command is presented in similar systems. Information provided by this command is necessary for the analysis of disk device. One of the main tasks is find the places where registered errors, subsequently error analysis (their type) and separation errors related to disk and modifying the output format. There are different types of errors such as soft, hard, transport, device not ready, recoverable and other. Necessary changes in the kernel, specifically at the level CAM in procedure xpt_done, where the CCB (CAM Control Block) received from drivers, that contains information (command completion status or sense information if there was an error). Then analyze these data. The current kernel can't report what specific operations were errors, this further compounds the consistency problem. Systematization format recording of errors also is a priority. That is grouping errors in categories which error happened in wich device, and which category applies (for exemple, media errors, Illegal Request and other)


For testing the program will be created special debugger into driver(s), for imitation errors, then compare the number of detected errors and errors that we have set at the beginning in the debugger.


Learning more about "iostat" and its interaction with the kernel.

Search for places that need change in the kernel

The main changes in the kernel.

Develop algorithm additions to function "iostat" new command -e.

Addition to "iostat" new code and fix possible errors.

Testing command and development related documentation.

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