A small summary of Pedro's software activities

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My name is Pedro Giffuni. I was born in Bogotá (Colombia) but I am of Italian origin and I learned English since at a very young age.

I am a Mechanical Engineer with a M Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. I normally work in mechanical engineering/production settings in design or quality control roles.

My involvement in computers started with a Tandy Color computer in the early 1980's programming in Basic, Pascal and some occasional low level assembly. Probably the craziest thing I did there was to use variant records in Pascal to access some weird hardware. My personal interest in the BSDs started by the code quality and free license, but with time I have found the contact with other developers enlightening.

I have been using FreeBSD since 1997, while looking for free alternatives to do my professional work. I am particularly interested in engineering applications and anything that has relationship with getting more performance, even if it involves playing with low level stuff like toolchains, libraries or filesystems.

I have contributed a huge amount of ports (more than 200 PRs) mostly for the Math and CAD sections of FreeBSD's ports tree. Curiously I ended up becoming a src committer and not a ports committer in 2011. Lately I have been contributing to filesystems, particularly ext2fs sources and I also have some interest in security.

FreeBSD Developer

I was heavily involved in ports since 1997. I am a FreeBSD committer (src). Some things I have done are:

* Replaced all the GPL'd headers from the sound system.

* Helped cleanup and enhance the BSD-licensed EXT2FS port.

* Updates to basic libraries like libedit and utilities like patch(1).

* Bring some updates to DTrace from illumos.

* Revamped the native gcc port to support Apple's "blocks" (closures) support.

* Cleaned up memory leaks and other nasty bugs from the main C library (libc). These have a particular high effect on all the overall system.

* Extensive cleanups and enhancements, many of them using devel/coccinelle and Coverity.

* I have been a GSoC mentor for three years in a row and recently a SoC admin for the project.

Apache Developer

I am a committer in the Apache OpenOffice TLP and I am also a PMC member emeritus. This interesting as it is one of the biggest and most important codebases that has moved from copyleft to an unrestricted license, which posed some interesting challenges. The codebase is now clean and I am not doing any more development there but I keep interest in maintaining the FreeBSD port. The main changes I did were:

* Merged at least 20 patches (mostly from Maho) that were needed for the FreeBSD port.

* Resolved portability issues, replaced bashisms and other things that were forcing FreeBSD to use the linux fileutils.

* Updated headers and a huge amount of dependencies (boost and Python were "interesting").

* Brought in internal support for Python 3.

* Merged a lot of code from external contributors and the Symphony codebase which appeared in version 4.0.

* Attempted to rewrite most of the math support, which IMHO is not at a professional level.

* Many, many small fixes all over the suite.

* I still have interest the testing facilities: Apache OpenOffice has around 100 Million users, which involves a huge responsibility.

My Talks

Participating at conferences is a good way to get in touch with awesome people that change the world.

ApacheConEU 2014

I participated in ApacheConEU 2014, Sofia Bulgaria, with a talk on Apache OpenOffice extensions, or the little I was able to figure out about them ;).

BSDCan 2014

I participated at BSDCan 2014, Ottawa Canada, with a technical talk about the multiple enhancements in FreeBSD's ext2fs implementation. OpenBSD adopted the read-only ext4 support, which made me very happy.

ApacheCon EU 2012

I participated in ApacheCon EU 2012 - Sinsheim, DE, with a talk about the IP cleanup and updates for the FreeBSD port of Apache OpenOffice.

EuroBSDCon 2008

I participated in EuroBSDCon 2008 - Strasbourgh, FR, with an article about applications for mechanical/electrical engineering in FreeBSD ports framework.

EuroBSDCon 2008 - Engineering Applications on FreeBSD (Slides)

EuroBSDCon 2008 - Working with Engineering Applications on FreeBSD (Article)


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