Peter Pentchev

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Kris Kennaway originally signed me up as a ports committer, then Ceri Davies agreed to give me a doc stick, too, so I could break even more things.

The Bulgarian FreeBSD Documentation Project

I try to give some time to The Bulgarian FreeBSD Documentation Project when I can.

The Bulgarian FTP mirror

Since August 2005, there is once again an official FreeBSD FTP mirror in Bulgaria - It also hosts a WWW mirror and we're in the progress of setting up a CVSup one, too.


I have recently been coaxed into taking up the role of organizer for the BSDCon at the OpenFest'2005 conference that will be held for the third time in Sofia and other Bulgarian cities. Anyone who is interested in giving a lecture, helping out, or just attending, is welcome to follow the proceedings at the BSDCon page of the OpenFest Wiki.

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