SVN notes

My rough notes on where I'm at with a full-scale svn for demo.

Scripts needed - easy stuff - most already "out there"

Harder stuff - needed though

Scripts "nice to have"


Still to think about

What do we do with $FreeBSD$? If we expand it on svn with the aim of eventually switching over entirely from cvs to svn, then we need a svn-centric $id$ tagging system. This is actually a complex problem because cvs will change them when we export them. Do we switch to a new $BSD$ tag or something like that?

security officer has to know how they're going to handle all this.

re@ needs to know how they're going to handle all this

the ctm folks need a plan.. there's still about 200 of them. (I dont see the cvs tree ever going away)

We need a plan to provide a p4-like playground. Do we do it in the core tree or provide a second playground like we do with p4?

What about repository replication? (backups?) Hotcopy and incremental backup? distribute the svn repo with svnsync? (if so, do we distribute the playground area?)

Do we use svn-1.5 from the start? There are good reasons to do this - svnsync can do partial mirrors etc - and bad ones


The ideal window to do a cutover is in the immediate aftermath of the 7.0-RELEASE going out. We dont want to screw up and delay 7.0-R due to scm issues. We need as much time as possible to sort out the teething problems before 7.0.1 or 7.1 is on the agenda.


I have a wimpy box available and some faster ones. I've requested better hardware from work.


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