Prasad Joshi

I have accomplished MSc in Systems Engineering from Reading University, UK (78% Distinction) and Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Pune University, India (60% First Class). At the moment, I am doing Masters in Psychology at Pune University.

Last year I participated in GSoC, wherein I worked on OSv to add Symlink support. During the project I worked on enabling ZFS symlink support. I added various related system calls like stat, lstat etc. I too had to modify name lookup (namei) to take care of symbolic links. It involved changing other system calls like open, rename, unlink (basically anything that touches file).

However, my commits in OSv did not limit to symlink support - I also worked on adding eventfd, fixing zfs import/export/unmount functionality, and adding support for few smaller system or glibc calls. Here is the link for my commits which are accepted in OSv

I have also worked on KVM Tools project few years back, wherein I added QCOW1/2 support in KVM Tools. Here is link of KVM Tools announcement

I have also contributed few patches in QEMU, Illumos, and Linux Kernel. In 2008-2010, I worked with company called KQInfotech, as a developer for porting ZFS to Linux (

Email: <prasadjoshi AT FreeBSD DOT org>



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