In-flight issues for FreeBSD 13.3-RELEASE

We're experimenting with using this wiki page to help track issues leading up to FreeBSD 13.3-RELEASE. The hope is that it will work better and be more transparent than the previous "release engineering lead's inbox" method.

Issue identified

Issues start here.

Issue assigned

A developer is responsible for making sure this is fixed in time for the release.

Issue diagnosed

A developer is responsible for the issue and we think we know what is wrong.

Patch being tested

A developer has a possible fix.

Patched in HEAD

A patch has gone into HEAD.

Patched in STABLE

A patch has gone into the stable branch.

Merge approved

The release engineering team has approved merging the patch to the release branch.

Patched in release branch

A patch has gone into the release branch (or stable before the release branch is created).

* Problem with graid implementation of Promise RAID1 created with 4+ disks (eugen)

* unbound update (cy)

* rdmsr_safe/wrmsr_safe: handle pcb_onfault nesting (avg)

* smartpqi panic on device removal (imp)

* wifi stability issues (bz)

* heimdal fixes (cy)

* ACPI device resource reservations (jhb)

* tty-related panic (emaste)

Confirmed resolved

The issue has been confirmed to be resolved in the latest BETA/RC build.

* FreeBSD/EC2 AMIs should default to "gp3" disks instead of "gp2" disks (cperciva)

* fusefs: fix invalid value for st_birthtime.tv_nsec (asomers)

* larger than expected binaries on riscv (karels, jrtc27)

* tzdata update (philip)

* new login class functionality (olce)

* mac_priority should allow access to realtime scheduling policy (olce)

* Kernel panic due to linux_free_kmem on direct-mapped address:

* Kernel panic with some modules due to NULL credentials: (markj)

* ttyinq_read_uio assertion (kevans)

* caroot update (kevans)

* update leap second database from canonical location (imp)

* Sendmail 8.18 import (gshapiro)

* zlib 1.3.1 import (delphij)

* msdosfs filesystem corruption (se)

* Pseudo-inode calculation in FAT12/FAT16: (se)

* Buggy overflow handling in TZ parser (des)

* irdma driver update (erj)

* vtnet alignment fixes (imp)

Won't fix

The issue won't be fixed in the release (it's too late and not critical enough to delay the release).

* CLOUDWARE builds should include AZURE images. (lwhsu)

* i386 cross-builds from amd64 don't match i386 native builds (emaste)


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