Warning This document is largely outdated, start with the FreeBSD Handbook's ZFS Chapter if you have not read it yet.

Root On ZFS

FreeBSD can be installed to a root ZFS filesystem (/), using several different methods.

1. Root on ZFS

1.1. Using MBR Disk

1.1.1. UFS /boot

1.1.2. FreeBSD-ZFS partition in a FreeBSD MBR Slice

1.1.3. FreeBSD MBR slice

1.2. Using GPT Disk

1.2.1. Single Disk Pool

1.2.2. Mirror Pool

1.2.3. RAIDZ1 Pool

1.2.4. RAIDZ2 Pool

1.2.5. Note about 9.0-RELEASE

1.3. Using VTOC8 Disk (sparc64)

2. ZFS Tips

2.1. ZFS Tuning Guide

2.2. ZFS Swap Volume

2.3. Alternate /etc/fstab

3. Other Root on ZFS guides

If you know of any other Root on ZFS guides, either add them here if you have access or let me know about them.

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