This page is dedicated to ongoing work on BRIDGE monitoring module for FreeBSD's BSNMP daemon. The module will implement IETF RFC 4188. Up-to-date work and sources of the bridge module can be found at FreeBSD perforce repository under //depot/user/soc-shteryana/bsnmp/usr.sbin/bsnmpd/modules/snmp_bridge/. This page contains status updates on ongoing work.

Update 19-08-2006

The BRIDGE monitoring module is now completed - tarball can be found at (no longer exist.). In addition to IETF RFC 4188 the module also implements a private BEGEMOT-BRIDGE-MIB

How to install on CURRENT

To use the module on CURRENT one will need the following patch( applied - or sources dated later than 31 Jul 2006 (thanks to thompsa@ for committing this). Extract the tarball, make && make install.

How to install on STABLE

To get the module running under STABLE, one needs to patch the kernel - patch against STABLE as of 16 October 2006 is available at Also to get the module compiling gensnmptree(1) has to be patched (patch is already in CURRENT - can also be found at].

<!> A (dirty) trick to avoid make build/install {kernel, world}
(will work only if if_bridge(4) is compiled as a kernel module)
#cd /usr/src/sys/modules/if_bridge/
#make && make install
#cp /usr/src/sys/net/if_bridgevar.h /usr/include/net/if_bridgevar.h

Update 26-10-2006

The kernel patch has been MFC-ed to STABLE. To compile the module one will still need to patch gensnmptree(1) - to do so:

#patch /usr/src/contrib/bsnmp/gensnmptree/gensnmptree.c gensnmptree_harti.diff
#cd /usr/src/usr.sbin/bsnmpd/gensnmptree/
#make && make install



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