libpkg, pkg tools rewrite

Complete packages (dependency inclusive) and package versioning are features that could have an immediate beneficial effect with regards to package distribution and management. However, the state of the pkg tools would only make this possible by layering new hacks on top of old. The creation of a package library would not only facilitate these improvements, but also cleaner code which could allow for more features to added over time.


The new package library (libpkg) will provide an interface for interacting with packages:

pkg tools


Project Milestones and Schedule (initial projection, likely to be modified)

April 24 - May 23: Library idea collection, pkg tools research, intitial design, redumentary API documentation, and the creation of the library skeleton.

May 24 - May 30: Finish skeleton library (wrap up any initial design issues).

May 31 - June 20: Ship package library skeleton, build basic and important package database interaction aspects of the library, aswell as basic package removal aspects.

Ship basic pkg_info, pkg_version and pkg_delete that demonstrate new features

June 21 - July 11: Add support for fat packages and package installation to both the library and pkg tools.

Ship basic pkg_add and updated pkg_delete

July 12 - July 22: Add versioning and upgrade features to library. Start work on pkg_create.

Ship basic version of pkg_create, aswell as updated pkg_add, pkg_delete, pkg_info, and pkg_version

July 23 - August 3: Catch up on code, fix bugs, add other features that were thought of and added during the planning and design phase, and work on completing pkg tools.

Ship whatever I've got.

August 4 - August 17: Testing and bug fixes.

Final milestone: ship commit ready library and pkg tools.

A few things to note: This timeline will almost definitely be updated through out the summer. While alot of features will be "added" one after another, most are dependent on each other. For a feature to be added really means making a push to get it as near to basic completion as possible. I also wouldn't be suprised if the planning phase was longer than expected.

Please email me if you'd like to add an idea or have a suggestion.

Project proposal

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