General Information

Applications without contact details will be marked invalid.

Project Title:




IM/IRC: Optional

Languages (spoken and written):


How many hours per week will you spend working on this? How many on other things? What other obligations (work, school, vacation, weddings, etc) do you have this summer? Be as specific as possible. You should be ready to produce a day by day schedule before the program starts.


Who are you? What skills do you bring to this project? What is your past involvement with The FreeBSD Project? (Past involvement is not required, but ideally you will have at least installed FreeBSD and perhaps fixed a bug or two) What do you think you will need to learn to complete this project? If you have a resume or CV please provide a link to it or include it here.

Possible Mentor:

Optional, but highly recommended. Do not put a name here if you have not contacted them.

Project Information

Project Description:

A few paragraphs describing your project. Direct copies from the ideas page will be rejected. Include both what you will be doing and why it is a good thing for The FreeBSD Project.


A list quantifiable results and related code milestones. We suggest at least two milestones before the mid-term evaluations and two after. Where appropriate, this schedule should include multiple committable or releasable points so people can benefit from and/or test your work as early as possible.

Test Plan:

What parts of your code need testing and how do you plan to test them? This might include both functionality and performance tests.

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