Project description

During this project I will port the following to Capsicum:

In the process some libcapsicum refinements will be done. This way I can make as easy a possible the process of porting applications to Capsicum.

Finally, I will write some documentation on how to port applications to Capsicum, trying to expand the part on that same topic in the Capsicum paper.

Approach to solving the problem

I will do the project working in HEAD, using the latest Capsicum interface.

The aproach is fairly simple:

Of course, it's not that simple. Sometimes I will have to write some kind of wrapper around the file descriptors, or do some architectural changes to make the program run stably using Capsicum.


Test Plan

If they seem good enough, they can be used in the base system, since they will be much securer.

Code of the project


Links to the manuals are from FreeBSD 9-CURRENT


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