Qt and GTK+ Front Ends for PKGNG

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Project description

PackageKit and pkgng are wonderful tools, this Google Summer of Code project aims to combine them into a complex, creative, and easy to use user experience. Currently FreeBSD's PackageKit port has support for the ports system but not binary package management. PackageKit currently also is in need of maintenance and contains several bugs. The most noticeable updates for the user interfaces will be the inclusion of features specific to FreeBSD; which will provide a much better user experience whether using pkgng or ports.

Approach to solving the problem

PackageKit has been available in the ports system with a ports back end. In order to use PackageKit to offer a GUI, a pkgng back end will need to be developed. The Qt and GTK+ front ends for PackageKit, KPackageKit and gnome-packagekit respectively, have some issues that need to be resolved or at least better understood. In order to take advantage of all of the great features of FreeBSD and pkgng, enhancements will be made to both PackageKit front ends. Enhancements that do not rely on pkgng will be available when using the ports back end.


New Software




June 17 - July 06

June 17: Start of coding

Compose pkgng back end for PackageKit

Create PackageKit-Setter application

Commit patches for public testing

July 07 - July 26

Fix PackageKit front end problems with pkgng back end

Fix any other issues with front ends

Release functional though limited beta

July 27 - July 28

Buffer to wrap up work before mid-term evaluation

July 29 - August 2

Mid-term evaluations

August 03 - August 21

Enhance front ends to offer new pkgng specific functionality

Release an enhanced beta

August 22 - September 08

Resolve issues updating PC-BSD installations

Commit patches to check issue fixes

September 09 - September 16

Finish documentation

Performance testing

Code review

September 16: End of coding (soft)

September 17 - September 23

Buffer to wrap up work before final evaluation

Release fully functional version

September 23: End of coding (hard)

Test plan

Instructions on downloading, installing, and testing this software is in the TESTING file.

The code

For help using the code in this repository, please read README.


Quarterly status report

Weekly progress reports

Tasks to be done

An up-to-date task list is in the repository, see TODO.



There aren't any screenshots of the interfaces, just yet.


Video tutorials will introduce users to the features introduced by this project.

Web sites


Mailing lists

IRC channels

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