We score GSoC proposals in a private Google spreadsheet to allow for multi dimensional scoring. This page documents the general process.

Getting Started

Obtain a link to the scoring spreadsheet and open it. Select the spreadsheet tab labeled ***TEMPLATE*** and duplicate it. Then rename the resulting sheet after your freefall account (i.e. brooks, rwatson, imp, etc). You should then be able to start scoring interesting proposals. Please score all you might wish to mentor and as many as you are qualified to and have time for. If you aren't qualified to evaluate an aspect of a proposal, please leave those parts blank.

Please don't sort or reformat your ranking sheet! Doing so will make summarization more complex.


Each scoring item is a 5 point scale (1-5) with 5 being best. If you can't answer the question based on the information provided, leave it blank. The intent behind each field is discussed below.


The proposal items are intended to score the proposal itself rather rather than the student.


The over all technical quality of the proposal.


Lacks any specifics, is missing mandatory fields, etc


All the sections are there, but some are weak.


All there. Wish consulting proposals looked this good.


Is this project (or an interesting subset) Feasible in the time allowed.


Student assumes P=NP, that Quantum computers exist, or similar issues and no rational subset is available.


Needs some serious cutting down unless the student is insanely good.


Definitely possible, an experienced developer with time could do this in a few weeks.


Do we want this?


A terrible idea (from your or some senior person's perspective) that will generate strife and alienate the student.


Seems like a decent idea. Should warn the student that acceptance in not assured even if they succeed.


We really really need this. If we can't take this proposal we should be looking to fund work like this.


The student themselves. Are they a good fit for this task? Do they seem reasonable? Could you work with them?


Does the student have the experience needed to complete this project? The answer doesn't need to be completely yes, but we need some idea if they have a clue what they are doing.


No relevant experience in the languages required for this task and lacks the broad experience indicating that they can learn fast.


At least general FreeBSD or Unix/Linux experience and some experience with tools they will be using or a strong indication they can learn them.


Why aren't they a committer? Or perhaps they already are.


Does the student indicate acceptable availability.


Less than 20 hours a week availability or more than 25 hrs per week of other commitments.


Some other activities, but solid availability.


No other commitments (except perhaps a few long weekends)


If you sent comments to the student or corresponded with them, did they respond quickly and positivly?


Ignored queries or were hostile.


Responded, but did not seem to completely get it.


Incorporated suggestions and/or took hints well. Seems like a good person to work with.

Mentor Ranking

Of project that you have scored and wish to mentor, please indicate your preference with 1 being first. Ranking more than three is probably unnecessary.

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