1.KMS - Kernel Modesetting

In recent Xorg server, Usermode API has been changed. The KMS, Kernel Mode Setting, framework is move display mode settng code, like resolution or VSYNC freqency setting, to kernel from userland X server. This makes kernel framebuffer device to be more coordinated. For more detail about current implimentation.

2.PC-BSD installer of curses frontend

replacement sysinstall(4).


AES-NI is extended instruction set in Intel CPU later than Core i* (Arrandale). The instruction uses XMM registers so we don't need to change to use in userland only. But to use it in kernel, we have to write a driver in opencrypto framework and save and restore XMM context because it is not expected to use XMM in kernel.

4.64bit Linuxlator on amd64 (COMPAT_LINUX64)

5.Graphical Console Driver

6.Display Link (USB Display)

Display Link is popular device to connect external display by USB. It is useful for headless device like sheevaplug.

7. USB Touch pannel support like ums but absolute position and calliblation required

8. ZFS new version upgrade (v19)

9.Tickless Kernel Feature (1st step: callout)

To utilize powersaving feature in contemplary CPU, longer sleep period is needed, but in FreeBSD, CPU is waked up periodically in HZ/sec. So we need to stop ticks in idle time until next callout fires and transit deeper sleep mode depending on the idle length.

Tsuyoshi Ozawa is working!

prototype benchmark: http://tsuyoshiozawa.blogspot.com/2010/03/started-to-implement-dynticks-in.html

source code: http://github.com/oza/FreeBSD-8.0-dyntick

10.TCP/IP testing

11. EtherIP implementation = not brdige+gif

Porting etherip(4) from NetBSD.

12. libarchive improvement

Libarchive is a library in base system to handle compressed, (or not compressed) file archive. But it lacks some features to replace commonly used tools which is installed from ports. These features enable us to build ports independent from archivers.

13. libfetch support more complex method like curl.

Libfetch is a library in base system to fetch files from internet via http, ftp, or something. In some case, it is required to use POST method in HTTP.

14. File System alignment management in partitioning tool

Recently, as HDD capacity grows, larger sector size support is needed. Though not aligned transfer is permitted in most case. it is suboptimal in performance. File system alignment is needed to optimize transfer.

15. ATA Raid in GEOM

CAM based ATA framework is getting ready to replace current ATA framework. But it lacks important feature in current ATA: ATA RAID. ATA RAID is mainly descrived in on-disk metadata. It is currently handled by geom(4) framework. It is useful to integrated way to handle on-disk RAID configuration metadata.

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