FreeBSD Test Suite

Welcome to FreeBSD Test Suite project!


This project equipped FreeBSD with a comprehensive test suite that aims to be easy to run out of the box and during the development of the system. Goal of our test suite is to assist both developers and users in assessing the quality of FreeBSD.

The test framework of choice is Kyua. Tests can be written in many languages and are not restricted to using a specific framework. The recommendation is to use GitHub: jmmv/atf: Automated Testing Framework (ATF), a library collection to write test programs in C, C++ and POSIX shell., which is included in FreeBSD Base, but other supported options exist.



The following goals are desirable for the FreeBSD test suite but they mostly describe work required on Kyua:

Getting Started

Test logs are created in ~/.kyua/logs of the invoking user by default.




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