10 Mar 2016

Jegg, Hans, Warner, Hiren, Jonathan

Jegg/Hiren have seen strange bug where small request produces big transmission. May be a match for something Jonathan has seen which is fixed in head. Jonathan to send details to Jegg/Hiren.

MMacy's iflib code still needs more reviews.

Hiren brought up the split of TX/RX buffers on em interfaces. Currently, buffers are allocated on 50/50 bass. Should they be biased towards more RX buffers to prevent packet loss? (The theory is you can intentionally delay transmission of a packet if the TX buffer is full, but not delay receipt of a packet if the RX buffer is full.) The answer might be different in different environments, depending on traffic patterns.

Hiren working with user in China on a patch. See discussion on transport@ list.

Hans wants to push some ifconfig changes. Looking for some feedback: D5391.

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