Weekly Hangout 17 December 2015

Modular Network Stack

Randall's changes are now in the tree. Jonathan has run them but not under significant testing.

We need to decide on which modules will be in the modular stack. We need a manual page on the module APIs themselves.

The fastpath module needs to be reviewed by more folks, even if it's only a proof of the concept.

Jonathan wants to support changing TCP stacks after establish a session. There are other functions to abstract, likely in January.

George will run a few benchmarks with the new modular code.

Initial benchmarks were sent to the mailing list.

TCP Fast Open

Has not been reviewed as yet. Patrick will give it one more week and then commit the code.

gnn will check the defaults for nag emails on Phabricator

Single Socket multiple FIB

A single listen socket listens on one one or more FIBs based on a list. Once a new socket is created with accept then the accepted socket is assigned to a specific FIB.

This may increase the worst case search time for wildcard searches. Every time you add a new search parameter you double the lookup time (Patrick).

It may be that we need an explicit switch for people to use this.

There is no patch as yet but Ryan is going to look into it more based on the discussion.

Route Caching Update

Kip has updated his patch https://reviews.freebsd.org/D4490

Mike Karels also has a patch to restore the route cache https://reviews.freebsd.org/D4306

We are skipping the meetings on the 24th and 31st of December. Next meeting is the 7th of January.

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