Transport Hangout 21 Jan 2016

benno: Met Intel and talked about new platforms including 'Red Rock Canyon'. Mainly pushed for freebsd support on those. But we need to make them care more for better support.

hiren: is LRO optimization from hans ready? Can it make 10.3? rstone: quick sort vs merge sort is still being discussed and it'd be too early to get it in 10.3.

Jason wolfe: A patch to make tcp persist timer tunable instead of 5s hard-coded. 5s is too long a time to wait for anything. Wolfe would create the phabric review.

hiren: Following up on the last week's 'send socket drain kqueue event notification' discussion, I have a first pass at the patch and will do unit testing.

hiren: A new tool tcpdive: got some internet attention this week. We could so something similar with siftr and dtrace. But we should rather look at some standardize way to do this. Like web10G/web100.

hiren/jegg: We need a way to track a request from socket to all the way out to nic including how tcp behaves. And doing that in some sort of standardize way to have all info extracted in 'tcp info' struct would be very useful.

Mmacy: Granular tcp timer patch has some issues in incast situation and that patch also touches a lot of things. I am trying to minimize changes needed. It may take a while as its not the top priority right now.

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