25 Feb 2016

Bjoern, Drew, Hiren, Jegg, Jonathan, Randall, Ryan, George

Jonathan has a review up for per thread hwpmc(4) which we need for some of our performance work. https://reviews.freebsd.org/D4227

Drew continues to work with MMacy's iflib code but it is still being sorted out. Drew asks for more reviewers.

Jegg says that they have identified a problem with NIC buffers filling up and the SYN/ACK packets not getting out in a fair manner. Fixing this may require using the new iflib. Jonathan asks if they really want this. Right now tcp_output() can't tell if packets are being dropped. The question is how we detect this right now. They can't relate these using netstat -s -p tcp but it might be possible with DTrace. Ryan also suggests KTR to track this.

There may be some remaining timer changes from Randall. Randall is also working on the breakdown of tcp_input()/tcp_output().

Ryan asks if someone has made AIO work with sendfile. Randall replies that this is replaced by async sendfile, which ought to be in HEAD.

George will plan an in person event at BSDCan.

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