29 Oct 2015


Nigel Williams joins the call. MPTCP is now public. The code is up on a web site. The most recent code is a complete rewrite which was completed two months ago. The past four weeks have been all been in testing. The plan is to get into expanded testing. There are still panics on shutdown due to race conditions. That's all being addressed currently. George will get Nigel access to Phabricator so that it can be proposed as a patch. Randall asks if MPTCP can be integrated as part of the general rework to modularize the network stack. We all agree that this is not a bad idea and Randall says he expects to have changes to review in a couple of weeks. Nigel says that his changes are minimally invasive, but he does have a shim mptcp structure that sits between the stock stack and his code. The largest set of changes are in tcp_dosegment(). Mostly tested on VMs and dummynet.

Recent Code Changes

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