Current Implementation

SVN Implementation

Subversion is portable. It's built on top of the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) library. XXX more to go here

Hg Implementation

Hg is very portable as it is 95% Python and 5% C for speed. Hg also runs on Windows.

Git Implementation

git is mostly a collection of C and shell, and has been ported to just about everything. There are a couple of tools in perl that may be of interest for the base system (which we would have to rewrite), a few in python that won't be, and one in tk that is definitely out. So, we shouldn't have any modula3-like issues, and should also be able to avoid bringing in any new scripting languages, including perl.

Monotone Implementation

Supported (also see monotone:FeaturePortable)

Monotone is implemented in C++, and compiles and runs on all sorts of different kinds of Unix systems and Windows. It is packaged in a number of linux distribution and packaging systems, as well as NetBSD pkgsrc which itself supports a number of different systems.

Its latest release is kept updated in the ports and currently requires devel/boost, converters/libiconv and devel/gettext libraries to run.

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