Vim is well-supported on FreeBSD, thanks to David O'Brien. Unlike Emacs though, there is no infrastructure to facilitate the installation of Vim scripts through ports.



Debian installs scripts into a shared location, but they are not enabled until a user runs an utility to copy needed scripts into his home folder. Per-user script stacks are thus achieved. This is highly desirable since many scripts are quite slow, or simply incompatible to each other. However this package-management-inside-package-management appears quite complicated.

If we focus on personal computing, the per-user functionality may not be needed. Moreover, it might be achieved in the future if support for per-user ports installations is implemented. We should probably try to solve the problem in an easy way, that is, once a script port is installed, it is enabled right away.


On and off, work on has been under way. is considered to be the main, almost exclusive source of scripts. One problem is that scripts are present in a variable of formats. Another is that all downloads go through a php script which is not very fetch-friendly.

An alpha-quality vim-script-farmer script has been written to download and repackage scripts in a uniform way: The infrastructure still lacks the part which would upload the new tarballs into some kind of a repository.

The alpha-version infrastructure with 5 sample ports is available here:

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