Vincenzo Iozzo

I'm Vincenzo Iozzo, currently I'm studying Computer Engineering at Politecnico Of Milan. I work as a IT Security consultant for Securenetwork srl. Occasionally I do some research in the field of IDS at Politecnico Of Milan.

I will do the summer of code 2008 for Google working on the Audit System in FreeBSD under the supervision of my mentor Attilio Rao.

My project, specifically, will add some features to auditpipe in order to provide more granularity in the configuration and will create a framework for testing the audit system.

Updates of my activity will be published in my blog on Planet FreeBSD( as well as on my "soup"(which is a kind of blog) If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to mail me at one of the following addresses:

Email: <snagg AT SPAMFREE freebsd DOT org> Email: <vincenzo.iozzo AT SPAMFREE securenetwork DOT it> ...

Here you can find the work I did during this soc


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