Wacom Tablets under FreeBSD

These instructions are correct as of FreeBSD 13.



In /boot/loader.conf, add:

In /etc/rc.conf, add:

Note: Older FreeBSD versions may have additionally required:

Restart devd, and add your user to the webcamd group:

At this point you may need to disconnect and reconnect your tablet.

Disconnecting during an X session can cause issues. It is recommended to disconnect and reconnect your tablet after exiting X Windows.

Force Wacom Device to a specific screen

Some Wacom devices, such as displays, may not function correctly in multiple monitor configurations unless explicitly mapped to themselves:

Identify Wacom device port and number with xrandr(1)

Identify Wacom Device ID the id of your tablet or pen using xinput(1):

Map Wacom input Device ID to output device:

Repeat the xinput command for each Wacom Device ID found


  1. Outdated? See: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/ports/526589 "Support for the HAL backend is dropped completely, it has been deprecated for a long time. Update and improve the DEVD backend" (1)

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