Yuan, Jue

Email: <yuanjue@FreeBSD.org>

It is my great honor to be selected by FreeBSD Community as a SoC student to make some contribution to FreeBSD Project this summer. :-)

I am currently a senior student in Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University, China. And I am supposed to become a student of Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to pursue a master degree after the summer. So whatever happens, this will be a really great summer for me and I will try my best to get the job done. :-)

What I'm going to do as a SoC 2006 project is "Integrate Xen Support to FreeBSD". My proposal for this could be found at http://www.yuanjue.net/SoC/proposal.html .

For more information about me, please feel free to check out my homepage at http://www.yuanjue.net. And my blog is also available, just keep in mind that contents of my blog are written mostly in Chinese ;)

Status update:

  1. domU kernel could safely ignore the 4MB ISA hole now.
  2. In order to embed mfsroot in the kernel, we successfully make the kernel size larger than 4MB. Theoretically, now the only limit is how many KVA_PAGES we could get for the kernel.
  3. A domU_INSTALL kernel has been made and delivered, with which people who want to test FreeBSD as domU now could install it rather than using an existing system.

  4. A webpage has been created for this as a step-by-step tutorial. http://www.yuanjue.net/xen/howto.html

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