FreeBSD on Arndale Board

Arndale Board ( is the evaluation board built by Insignal - the partner company to Samsung.

The board is based on Samsung Exynos5250 Cortex A15 processor.

Build U-Boot

1. Install gsed and some cross-compiler

2. Get and patch u-boot

3. Compile u-boot

Build FreeBSD

1. Get FreeBSD head

2. Compile kernel and world. Install world to USB Flash (replace da0 with your usb storage device)

Prepare SD card

1. Get BL1 binary from (broken)

2. Write binaries (replace da4 with your device)


1. Set SoC jumpers to "up up up down up up" to boot from SD card

2. Connect by using serial console cable and speed 115200

3. Power ON your board and set boot command

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