FreeBSD on Zedboard

The Zedboard is an evaluation board for Xilinx Zynq-7000 series System-on-a-Chip. The Zynq-7000 is an FPGA combined with an ARM Cortex-A9 core and a set of standard peripherals.

SDCARD images

SD card images for FreeBSD 12-RELEASE on the Zedboard can be found on Thomas Skibo's FreeBSD on Zedboard page.

Also, TimKientzle's system build tool, Crochet, can build Zedboard SD card images. The following describes how to manually build an SD image for Zedboard:

Building FreeBSD for Zedboard

Zynq/Zedboard support is in -CURRENT and 12-STABLE. To build world and kernel for the Zedboard:

Building u-boot.img and boot.bin

The Zedboard needs several files in a boot partition. The file boot.bin is the first executable the Zynq chip boots. It initializes the Zynq and then hands over execution to u-boot.img. These files can be built by the port sysutils/u-boot-zedboard. Once built, the files will be installed in /usr/local/share/u-boot/u-boot-zedboard.

Building an SDCARD image

Create SD card image

Mount filesystems

Populate root and boot partitions

From within the source directory:

Copy u-boot files to the boot partition

Copy EFI loader to boot partition

Final tweaks

Copy the DTB file to boot partition:

Touch /firstboot:

Unmount file systems

Copy to an SD card

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