bhyve PCI Passthrough

bhyve supports passing of host PCI devices to a virtual machine for its exclusive use of them.


Host VT-d support can be determined by searching for a DMAR table in the ACPI tables with acpidump -t | grep DMAR

PCI card MSI/MSI-x support can be determined with pciconf -lc | grep MSI


1. Configure vmm.ko to be preloaded at boot-time in loader.conf, adding:

2. Determine the bus/slot/function of the device that you want to pass through to the guest with pciconf -v -l

The bus/slot/function is for this devices is 2/0/0 (from the end of 'alc0@pci0:2:0:0')

3. Once the desired PCI device is identified, it and any others must be masked from the host early in the boot process with a PCI passthrough devices entries or "pptdevs" in loader.conf

The PCI device at bus/slot/function 2/0/0 would be masked from the host with:

Multiple devices can be added, space-separated, to the "pptdevs" entry

The "pptdevs" entry supports up to 128 characters in the string. Any additional entries must be added with additional, numbered "pptdevsN" entries:

4. Rebooting the system will cause the requested PCI passthrough devices to be masked from the system and become available for use in a virtual machine

5. The slot option to the bhyve(8) command is used to bind the masked host PCI device to the guest using the b/s/f as the identifier. The guest slot/function has no correlation to the host b/s/f. For example, to assign the Atheros Gigabit Ethernet adapter to a guest at slot 7, the bhyve(8) command line would contain:

Caveats: multi-function devices are not always independent, and may have to be assigned to guests with the functions being the same. An example is QLogic FC adapters, where function 0 is used for firmware loading, while the other functions are for port data transfer. For these, the mappings of functions must be the same in the guest e.g.

Intel network adapters *do not* have this issue and can be split out to different guest slots e.g. an Intel adapter at host 6/5/0 and with 2 functions could be setup in the guest as two separate devices at slot 3 and slot 8:

Additional Notes

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