cdist is a configuration management tool. It adheres to the KISS principle and is being used in small up to enterprise grade environments. It natively supports IPv6 since the first release. cdist is an alternative to other configuration management systems like Fabric, Ansible, Puppet and so on.

Cdist is being configured in shell script. Shell script is used by UNIX system engineers for decades. So when cdist is introduced, your staff does not need to learn a new DSL or programming language.


At first, install PyPi as root

# pkg inst py37-pip

Install cdist as a normal user

% pip install --user cdist

Add cdist binaries to $PATH

% export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH

Create directories

% mkdir -p $HOME/.cdist/manifest
% chmod 700 $HOME/.cdist

You are now ready to work with cdist. You can continue at

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