AR9300 HAL

The AR9300 and later chipset support requires a new HAL and a bunch of infrastructure changes in the driver itself.

Ok, so how's it differ from the previous chipsets?

There's a few things from a programming perspective that have changed:

Ok, so what is done so far?

Everything above (that isn't tagged as "not yet implemented"!) is done in the driver layer. The TX and RX paths need to be further optimised to handle the higher packet rates but that can come later.

What about the HAL?

The HAL is now open source.

The QCA release is here:

Adrian's fork for compiling in FreeBSD is here:

Check out the 'local/freebsd' branch when you clone Adrian's fork.

Ok, great. Now. How do I use this?

If you are running FreeBSD 10.0 or newer, It should "just work".

If you are running (a now unsupported) FreeBSD 9 you should know how to compile FreeBSD-HEAD's ath driver and wifi stack on -9. Please don't do this, and upgrade to a supported FreeBSD version.

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