Electronics on FreeBSD

Welcome to the Electronics on FreeBSD WIKI! You will find resources, information, hints and references that should be useful to enthusiasts of electronics and DIY :-)

Our Projects

Below you will find our FreeBSD projects and useful wiki pages dedicated to:

Software Utilities

Below you will find tools already ported to FreeBSD. Please note that new Open-Source tool are more than welcome! You can port them and let us know so we can update the list :-)

EDA (Electronics Design Automation)

This list contains popular EDA utilities that can be used to design schematics and PCB of your projects:

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

This list contains popular CAD utilities that can be used to design mechanical components of your projects:


This list contains popular utilities that can be used to perform simulation of your projects:

Logic Analyzers

This list contains popular utilities for use with logic analyzers:


Following ports and utilities allows creating interactive applications to work with your devices:

Embedded RTOS

There are several Open-Source Real Time Operating Systems that can be developed on FreeBSD in order to create IoT Connected Embedded Systems:

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