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Finishing of linuxulator update to Linux 2.6


During Summer of Code 2006 I implemented TLS, pid mangling and futexes. This enables most of the application work under 2.6 emulation but it's still not complete. The futex implementation has some rough edges, we lack *at syscalls, and epoll/inotify interface. This is the goal of this years project.


The futexes fail with testing program which means there's something wrong. We currently don't know whats going on and we are not aware of any real world problems. The *at syscalls are necessary for 2.6.16 to be complete and they seem to be used. The epoll is necessary for jdk which expects this implemented in Linux 2.6. The signaling is not done right. This doesn't seem to be much of a problem but it's better to do it correctly.



work as I can and want ;)


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