Hi guys.

I've been looking at writing some debugging/diagnostic GUI tools lately for atheros devices on both Linux and FreeBSD.

My problem is that (a) my free time is being spent either sleeping or hacking on FreeBSD's wireless code, and (b) I'm not really "GUI" focused.

Someone's already begun doing this with ath5k - http://wiki.spench.net/wiki/RADAR - but he used C# and targetted Windows. Although I'm sure I could figure out how to make things work in Wine or (if there's source code for his graphing library) compile it using Mono, what I'd really like to see is a native Qt4 app that we can compile up on pretty much any platform.

Before you say "but python! or java!", sure, as long as it can handle the ridiculous levels of events that can occur (in really horrible environments, that's upwards of 50,000 events a second.) As I've also been a field engineer in the past, I'd like for this to be portable to tablets and netbook devices that don't necessarily have a lot of CPU.

So, here's my request. I'd like to see these tools written and I'd like to see these written using an open source licence. I'm willing to help you out with how ath5k/ath9k/HAL drivers work and even add some further documentation to whatever is in the driver. I even have a few ideas in mind as to useful displays. I even have working radar frame decoding code (based on what's in ath9k/FreeBSD.) I just don't have the time/expertise to write the GUI.

I figure we can do this as a joint BSD/Linux "GSoC" proposal.

What I'm looking for:

The initial GUI bits I'd like to see:

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