We already have a PR assignments page that lists how incoming PRs ought to be assigned 'by role' to, e.g., things like the mailing lists. Since those kinds of things do not often change, they are suitable for the SGML pages.

The idea of this page is to be a place where individual committers can volunteer to be assigned PRs about other things. For instance if you wrote the frobozz(4) driver and are willing to deal with PRs about it, please sign up here.

Perhaps this list should also be a place to say 'do _not_ asssign PR about frobozz(4) to me'.





Note: the following reference might be handy for comparison: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/base/head/MAINTAINERS


Note: If you change anything in this list please update the GNATS Auto Assign tool: freefall:/hub/g/hubgnats/gnats-aa/incoming-PRs/bin/lookups.txt


non-English-language entries

Note: we could really use a lot more volunteers to help with this.


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