bsdinstall is designed to be a lightweight replacement for sysinstall, but more modular and easily extended. It is scriptable from shell scripts. The full installer can be run by executing bsdinstall auto, and is intended to be run from a live environment, such as a live CD or PXE boot.




This installer takes a different approach to scripting than sysinstall or pc-sysinstall. The main install program (bsdinstall auto) is a short shell script that calls the other parts of the installer in sequence. Any step can be replaced or embellished by doing something else from the shell script (e.g. the partedit partition editor could be replaced entirely by a sequence of gpart commands) instead of being limited to the constraints of the configuration syntax.

Eventually this will be adapted to use the backend from pc-sysinstall.

Installation Flow

The installer consists of several steps, each a C executable or script:


Distribution Format

sysinstall takes great pains to make sure everything it does is floppy-sized, which is not relevant in 2011, so distfiles for this installer are single tarballs instead of many chunks:


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