AKA Hack-a-port

Documenting the workflow I've established to hack ports



Setting up your porting environment

Tools required

One-time setup

  1. Get a GitHub account

  2. Create a ports repo in your GitHub

  3. Clone your GitHub ports repo on your local system to <ghports>

  4. add .svn and work to <ghports>/.gitignore

  5. alias svn to svnlite if you're not installing devel/subversion for full svn support

  6. Install and configure ports-mgmt/[[#poudriere|poudriere]]


A way to get from patching a port to submitting it

Hack a port

  1. Create the category dir in <ghports>

  2. In the category dir using svn

    svn co https://svn.FreeBSD.org/ports/head/<category>/<port>
    Check Using Subversion for your closest mirror, at first call you need to match and accept the SSL fingerprint

  3. In <ghports> run git add .

  4. Modify your port
    1. whatever needs to change, see next sections
  5. In <ghports>/<category>/<port> update local svn

    1. svn add/move/copy/remove <file>

    2. svn status to check your work

    3. svn update to update your local svn tree

  6. in <ghports> run svn diff <category>/<port> > ../patch-<category>-<port>-<version>-<shortdesc>

  7. Build your modified port using poudriere testport

Quality checks

  1. portlint -C

  2. make check-plist

  3. make -V CPE_STR

Submit a Bug Report

  1. If you're the maintainer of the port, prefix the Summary with [MAINTAINER] otherwise prefix with [PATCH]
    • e.g. [PATCH] category/port: Fix this and that

  2. Describe what's changed, refer to link if you submitted it upstream as well
  3. Attach the svn diff(s) relative to the ${PORTSDIR} root

    1. Set maintainer-approval to + if you're the maintainer of the port

  4. Attach the poudriere testport log
    1. As plain text when < 1MB

    2. Gzipped when > 1MB


make makepatch

make makepatch is your friend

  1. make a backup of the files dir...
  2. run make do-patch to extract and patch the port (but not run pre- nor post-patch)

  3. cd into the ${WRKSRC}
  4. Copy the file you want to modify to <file>.orig

cd `make -V WRKSRC`
cp -p path/to/file-to-patch{,.orig}
  1. Edit path/to/file-to-patch using your favourite editor

  2. cd into the port-dir (i.e. cd ../..) run make makepatch to update all patches in the files dir

  3. NB. There can also be PATCH commands in the Makefile and extra-patches...

Verbose builds

Not all builds are equally verbose. Options to enable more verbose builds




Poudriere usage


Porter's Handbook
Committer's Guide - Ports

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