SolidRun HoneyComb

SD card for firmware + file system

I like being able to have a working system and firmware on an SD card as replacing that in case of trouble is easy: pop-out, push-in, done. With Review D33168 it is possible to create such SD cards for the HoneyComb. While technically not needed to leave so much space, NXP's reserved space is this big.

  1. Put the firmware on the SD card. You can use SolidRun's prepared default image.

  2. Partition your SD card (da3 in my case):

gpart create -s GPT -l 67108864 da3
gpart add -i 1 -t efi -b 128M -s 256M da3
gpart show da3
newfs_msdos -F16 -L EFI -O EFI da3p1
camcontrol eject da3

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