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Over 30 people participated in this bugathon. Thanks to all who participated!

During the 3 days, we closed around 120 PRs, and probably 50 more were set to feedback. Of course, during this time about 80 PRs came in (including some ports PRs). While the net reduction doesn't look that large, it does constitute positive progress -- a large number of stale PRs were indeed closed, and a few were committed. For our next bugathon we'll try to be more focussed on committing some of the PRs that we've already identified, and also to keep a count of PRs busted by category (which we had done before, but forgotten to get a volunteer for this time.)


MarkLinimon gathered together a large number of emails and IRC conversations during January 2008 (and some previously) but wasn't able to get them into a state that was ready to present. Here's some things we did to start.

PR categories

Right now the kern PRs are far too monolithic. At the very least we need to break that up. This might make it easier to start seeing patterns.

Originally, MarkLinimon was of the opinion that we should wait to break up the categories until we had a really clear idea of all the ones that we wanted. However, this was probably a bad idea: we should try some experiments and see if we can make something better than what we have. (This would also carry over to any future bugtracking system.)

We can think about breaking them up by existing mailing list as a first approximation. We already did this for usb some time back; it seems to have helped. Possible ideas:

It's harder to come up with how to categorize the following:

Ideas for naming are welcome.

Another observation is that the arch-specific categories are always misunderstood. New users seem to believe that "oh, my machine is an i386, so I'll file any problem I have with it there." At least half of the new entries there are misplaced and have to be refiled. Almost all the others are "can't install on this machine/can't boot on this machine". Only a few are actual arch-specific problems, and they are so tagged (e.g. [amd64]). Should we just get rid of these categories? Or jam them together as 'hardware-specific'?

Another category that should be added is "stuff that affects the build process/Makefile glue/etc." What's a good name for this? 'infrastructure'? Seems too long.

All of the PRs that come in as 'misc' are either 'infrastructure' (very small number) or "I don't understand how the PR system works". The latter all have to get reclassified to keep them from getting lost.

PR classes

PR states

Interesting PRs


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