I hold a BSc in computer engineering from the University of Alberta {flag-ca} , and am completing a BA (majoring in economics, minor political science) at the U of A: fitting these two divergent interests together will no doubt prove fascinating. For the past few years, I've been paying the bills as a system administrator / programmer for the U of A's CS department, when I haven't been taking classes. On the side, I do a bit of web hosting involving jails(8).

On the technical side, I've been programming for over a decade, starting in the MOO language, culminating in writing a web server in it back in '96, and moving on from there to more interesting projects. I've had some experience in building embedded systems (e.g. a networked device on an FPGA and a digital audio effects processor on a Motorola MCore with replaceable effects stored on hardware cartridges) and have been entranced by VLSI system design, before giving up the hardware world for a jump into the exciting world of being a high-tech janitor. During my BSc, I worked as a co-op student at AudeSi, now part of Wind River; Nortel Networks; and PMC-Sierra.

Non-technically, I've been entirely too involved with student groups and government, debating, and occasional political commentary for my own good.

Last summer ('05), I worked on implementing move and rename verbs for gvinum (GvinumMoveRename), FreeBSD's logical volume manager, and documenting gvinum. My mentors were Lukas Ertl and Poul-Henning Kamp.

This summer ('06), I'm adding support for CPU and RAM limits to jails (JailResourceLimits), which was motivated by discovered one too many times that one of my users' CGI scripts was chewing up all the spare cycles. Hopefully, this won't happen again. ;) I'm working with Kip Macy on this.

Likes: signal

Dislikes: noise


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